i slur speach in a Qryptic code…

i took the time out of my busy week schedule (yeahh right!) to share a few words with the man him self, Qryps TBK.

heres how it went…

1.so introduce yourself man, who are you and where do you hail from?
I write Qryps TBK, from the Midlands originally, now living the dream in beautiful Essex.

2.how many years have you been caught up in the game?
that’s hard to say. I’ve been into graff for as long as I can remember. I first became aware of graff when pieces started appearing in my local park in the Midlands, summer of 1985. I used to go and sit in front of the pieces and study them for hours, totally confused and amazed at how it happened and who might have done it. I never took photos of those pieces and I regret that to this day, I’ve asked all the locals and no one has pics either. I’ll never forget the pieces, I can picture them as if it was yesterday – KOL (with a Mickey Mouse character), ICA, MASTA-8, DOOM, WEST, TIME, BREAK, and HOUSE. they all appeared within a few months of each other, I used to visit the park pretty much every day checking for new pieces. My first experiment with spray paint was 1987, and it was a total disaster. Paint was easy to obtain back then, there were no age restrictions like today. I used to go to a petrol station near my house and buy crappy cans for 50p from the bargain bin. I found a secluded wall at the back of a local supermarket and started painting, my heart sank as I watched the pissy paint soak into the bare brick and disappear. Clearly I had no idea that emulsion was needed for bare brick, still, you live and learn. I had breaks from graff though in that time, other things took over my life such as BMX, skateboarding, raving etc. I got fully back into graff after picking up the first thick issue of Graphotism (I was blown away by crews rocking crazy styles on walls and trains such as NT, DPM etc) after a long break from it, and haven’t looked back since. So to cut a long story short (bit late for that really) I’ve been into graff all my life but only really painting regularly and seriously for about 10 years.

3.so if you had to describe your graffiti to someone that is visually impared what would you say to them?
Wow, what a question! I would certainly take advantage of their imparement and make it out to be much better than it actually is 😉 I guess I could stick things to the wall as a form of graffiti braile so that visually impared people could feel the funk too. In all seriousness, I wouldn’t even know how to describe it to a perfectly sighted person, apart from ‘wonky letters’, ‘occasional characters’, ‘crappy lazy backgrounds’. That’s about the extent of my graff these days.

4.who are your biggest influences graffiti wise at the moment?
Another tough one! I rate so many writers for different reasons that it’s impossible to start listing them. I try to get ideas for letter shapes, fills etc from obscure sources – food packaging, natural forms, fabric patterns etc. I’m into finding cool letter shapes in frosted glass panels at the moment. check out your bathroom windows – you’ll be suprised at what you can find.

5.when it comes down to it, are you illegal or legal and explain why?
Strictly legal. Marriage, mortgage, career, too much to lose.

6.any wild chase stories you care to share with us?
A few close scrapes from years ago, nothing too serious though. Nothing that competes with any of the tales in Crack’n’Shine anyway, so I won’t bore you with any of my mediocre experiences.

7.as this blog is also focused on music a little bit, what your favorite track right now?                                                                                                 I listen to anything and everything within reason. I’m mainly listening to Band of Horses at the moment, I love all their albums. flick through my Ipod and you would find anything from Ian Brown, to Stellastarr, to Happy Mondays, to Jeru the Damaja, to TalkTalk, to Etta James, to Tears for Fears.

8.where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
San Francisco man. I just got back from 3 weeks in SF, LA and Hawaii. SF blew my mind, kind of like New York but friendlier and more accessible, I fully intend to be living there within the next few years.

9.where is your favorite loacation to paint?
Anywhere interesting. The places that require a bit of trekking and exploring to get into. one of the best UK spots I ever painted was the Gasworks in Dewsbury, oop north somewhere. amazing place. I think it’s gone now. Avon in Northampton was also pretty mind blowing when I first went there. Bromford in Birmignham is a cool but neglected spot. I guess the company rather than the location makes for a good painting session.

10.any shout outs you would like to give?
all the TBK crew – Norf, Hae, Fajita, PinUp etc. all my friends from the Midlands – Skank, Hyde, Spider, Soup, Ziner etc. all the nice people I’ve met on my travels – Nylon, ponk, Raek, Brave, Reakt, Phat16, Kak, Noe, Seud, Naser, Kesr etc… too many to mention. over and out.

a big thanks goes to Qryps for doing this!

a few more flicks


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