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Lights, Camera….


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still cool.

good note to end on.

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This deserves a post of its own.

my lord.

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Im back yo!

fell off the blog for a few weeks. pictures now.

end for now.

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Spell binding

Every now and again you stumble upon a writer that really stands out to ones self. well i havnt really stumbled upon this fella as such, in fact i have been a fan of this guy for some time now so i decided i would take some time out to ask him some questions.

i present to you MAGIKO…..

1. So introduce yourself, what do you write and where do you hail from?

Hi, I am Magiko. I paint and live in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. My groups are MND and NSCB.

2. how long have you been caught up in all of this madness?

I began to paint in 1999, when I was 12 years old.

3. who would you say are your biggest influences right now?

MMM… I’m not saying names, because there are many, but right now cities such as Paris, London or Barcelona, along with Northern Europe are my most important influences

4. if you had to describe your style to a blind person how would you do this?

Colorist and organic. I always try to vary in many aspects, though.

5. do you prefer illegal or legal graffiti?

Both things: illegal is life and legal is reflection.

6. and following from the previous question, do you have any crazy chase story’s you would like to share?

I guess many like everybody; but none in particular.

7. do you have a favourite location to paint?

I have a special devotion to railway tracks. That quiet at night provides me with pleasure, but any place is good.

8. where do you see yourself in 5 years?

To evolve I guess (jajaja) As a person and as a graffiti writer.

9. now as this blog is also loosely focused on music as well, what is your favourite few tracks right now?

I live really influenced by Hip-Hop since I was a child, mostly American rap from the nineties and 2000’s. Still, a lot of music has reached my ears, and has always been of great variety and high quality. I thank my parents for that. I can easily freak out listening to Queen, NOFX or Bobby Bland, for instance.

10. last of all do you have any shout outs you would like to give?

To thank for the interest of Cheers!

AT: its a pleasure man!

big thanks to MAGIKO for this!


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something good in the pipeline so stay locked.

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